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Preferred Suppliers of Products and Services to

Canadian Owners and Builders of Westfield Sport Miata cars

FerroSmith Autosports is located in Winkler, Manitoba which makes us conveniently situated in central Canada and allows for easy access to all of the Canadian Provinces and the United States. Most major transport and shipping companies deliver and collect from Winkler, while the major hub of Winnipeg is just a short 90 minute drive North East of us.

FerroSmith, the holding company, started out designing and building outdoor furniture using CAD designs, Laser technology and CNC machinery to build all of the metal furniture bases. Ross, a qualified Jig, Tool and Die Maker with experience in the automotive industry, started the company in his home workshop and built it to what it is today. After completing six aircraft kit builds as a hobby; the last being a Titan T51 Mustang (3/4 Scale all-metal P51 Replica), Ross built his own Westfield Sport Miata.

Seeing the need for good assistance and easy parts sourcing, the Autosports division was born.


Ross in full flight in the FerroSmith Westfield Sport Miata at the Winnipeg Autocross Track