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You are obviously very interested in owning a Westfield Sports Car and at this point, have probably been in contact with the folks at Manik Technologies. These are the North American importer and distributor for Westfield Sportscars, UK and will give you a great idea of what it takes to build your own sports car.

FerroSmith Autosports, is a registered Canadian company with the intention of helping Canadian Westfield owners and builders to achieve the dream of owning their own Westfield. Canadian Law makes it illegal to import or manufacture a complete kit car, but it is possible, however, to import a starter kit into Canada legally. This starter kit will not contain all the parts necessary to build a complete car, but as Manik Technologies has proved many times over in most provinces; customers are able to finish their builds and register their cars for the road. FerroSmith Autosports has carefully looked at local and federal requirements, and are ready to help you procure the necessary parts to complete your build.

As suppliers of these automotive parts, and having built our own Westfield Sport Miata, we are in a position to assist you, the builder, in fitting these parts to your starter kit in both a safe and professional manner.

Please Contact Us - we would be happy to discuss your needs.

Supply of Donor Package

Building a Westfield Sport Miata in Canada?

We can supply all of your donor parts already rebuilt. No need to strip down a donor.

Donor Strip and Part Refurbish
Have a 1992 to 1997 Mazda Miata MX5 Donor?

We would be happy to strip the car for you, salvage and refurbish the useable donor parts for your Westfield Sport Miata


Have questions?

These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get. If this doesn't help, contact us directly. 

25 Part Assembly Assistance

Need Assembly Assistance?

We can assist you in working through your build with our 25 part assembly process.

Canadian Westfield Starter Kit
Need to know how to get your Westfield Sport Miata Starter Kit?

We can help get you in touch with the right people and answer your questions.

Partial Assistance

Are you uncomfortable with certain build areas on your Westfield?

Bring your car to us and we will do it for you.

Colour Chooser

Choose the colour of the body parts and interior finish for your Starter Kit