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´╗┐Question: Are your prices in US or Canadian Dollars?

Answer: All of our prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Question: Why does the Canadian Starter Kit not include all of the parts required to build a complete car?

Answer: Canadian Law prohibits the importation of a complete car kit. By law a builder is required to purchase the remaining parts within Canada to complete the build. These parts include the drivetrain, fuel system, brakes, suspension and more.

Question: Can I import a ready built Westfield from the the UK. 

Answer: The simple answer is No. All Starter Kits are purchased direct from Manik Technologies, the North American importer and distributor

Question: Can I import a Honda S2000 Starter Kit.

Answer: At present it is only possible to import Westfield Sport Miata and Westfield XI Starter Kits

Question: How long does it take to build a Sport Miata?

Answer: The factory say that 120-150 hours is required. This is very optimistic and requires all new parts on hand with an experienced builder who has all the required tools and equipment to work full time on the build. Using a donor vehicle and sourcing parts yourself, it is more like 6 to 12 months if you work at it diligently. FerroSmith Autosports can assist you in doing it much faster.

Question: Can I use a 1999 to 2005 or 2006 or newer donor Miata for my Westfield Sport Miata?

Answer: The Westfield Sport Miata kit was designed around the 1989 to 1997 Miata NA model. There are substantial differences in the later model Miata that eliminate them as donor vehicles. FerroSmith Autosports prefer to use 1992 to 1997 models due to the "Short Nose Crank" issues on the early models.