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This is the Classic Westfield 7 design. Without any upgrades, this is what the Starter Kit will get you. (Once you have added your donor parts of course)

The Classic

Westfield's "Modernized" sevenesque body design with enclosed trunk (Boot), inset taillights and one-piece vented hood (Bonnet)  

The FW Evolution

This page will help you understand the various options available with your Starter Kit so that you can make informed decisions when filling out the order form.

The Classic Nose

The Classic Seven nose is comprised of two pieces. The Nosecone and the removable Bonnet. This gives the car sleek traditional lines and an unrestricted forward view.   

The Ducted Nose

The Ducted Nose also comprises a separate Nosecone and removable Bonnet. The Bonnet has the fully functional nose scoop and rear outlets built in and come with the screens installed. The intake scoop allows for a taller engine or a "drivetrain lift"

The FW Nose

The FW one piece Nosecone and Bonnet is hinged at the front giving a beautifully finished appearance. The "Nostrils" and side intakes are standard on this bonnet and have the screens pre-installed. 

Which Tail?

The Classic Tail

The Classic Tail has the traditional look of the original Seven design. It has an open boot and surface mounted lights. The fenders are moulded into the rear body section

Options :

These optional upgrades are available for this style tail.

Detachable Wheel Arches

The standard wheel arches are fixed and are not replaceable in the case of damage.

Boot Box Lid

The standard boot does not have a lid and is open to the elements. This is a fibreglass lockable lid.

Spare Wheel Carrier Kit

It is not possible to have a spare wheel on the FW tail. This is a useful option.

Long Range Fuel Tank 

The standard fuel tank carries only 28 Litres. This upgrade allows a larger tank of 45 Litres. (Only available for this type of tail)

Boot Box Tonneau

This is an alternative to the fibreglass lid. This option comes with all the fixings. 

The FW Evolution Tail

The FW Evolution Tail is Westfield's modernised design of the traditional Seven tail. This comes equipped with detachable wheel arches, lockable boot box lid, recessed lighting and more aerodynamic contouring. 

Options :

These optional upgrades are available for this style tail.

Rear Diffuser

The rear diffuser finishes off the underside of the tail and gives aerodynamic stability at high speed.

Note: The FW rear does not allow for a spare wheel or long range fuel tank. With the Mazda differential, the classic 28 Litre fuel tank is used and modifications are required to enable the bodywork to fit. 

Which Seats?

Sport Seats

Sport Seats are included in your starter kit and work best with the standard 3-point inertia seat belts. They are adjustable forward and backwards, stylish and comfortable. You will have colour choices of  vinyl and trim when you place your order  

Options :

These optional upgrades are available for this seat style

Leather Trim

Optional Leather Trim is available with these seats as an upgrade.

Heating Pads

These seats are available with heaters installed for those cooler days as an optional extra

Sport Turbo Euro Seats

Sport Turbo Euro Seats are a great upgrade offering more support both on the road and track. They work best with the upgraded 4-point seat belts because of the slots in the backs. They are adjustable forward and backwards. 

Options :

This optional upgrade are available for this seat 

Cross Stitched Panels

Add a classier look to your Sport Turbo Euro Seats with crossed stitching in the seat bottom and back panels

Vinyl Race Seats

Vinyl Race Seats

Which Nose?